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Toyota Cars Models in Pakistan - Prices, Features & Specifications

Toyota Cars 2020 Models In Pakistan


Toyota, one of the Oldest car brand being used in Pakistan from last 5 decades. The luxury, durability, economy, and price of Toyota cars has made it popular among Pakistani community. In 1970's people used to import Toyota cars from around the world because there wasn't any industry of Toyota Cars available in Pakistan at that time. Toyota Camry was the most popular among the people and it wasn't available to everybody because of few number of cars available in the automotive market. With the passage of time Toyota started to show as a popular brand in automotive market and the demand started to increase. Looking into increase in demand Toyota motors started their journey in Pakistan, manufacturing their first car by collaborating with IMC ( Indus Motor Company ) in May, 1993. Toyota corolla was the first car which was build under the supervision and leadership of (Late) Mr. Ali S. Habib, he was the key person to the success of Toyota Indus Motors. Nowadays Toyota Indus Motors has approximately 60% market occupancy in automotive market of Pakistan, they have increased the variety and models of cars in Pakistan.


Toyota Indus Motors are now manufacturing Sedan Cars, MPVs, SUVs, Pickups, Buses and Vans, The comfort of Toyota cars is flawless and cannot be compared in some aspects. Toyota Camry 2020 is one of the best luxury sedan cars in Pakistan. Hilux, Toyota Prado and Land Cruiser are used by the elite society of Pakistan due to the luxury safety of the Cars. Toyota has Mini Buses and van which are mostly used in public transportation and by some private institutes. There is a complete list of all Toyota cars in Pakistan by detailed prices, pictures and specifications.

Toyota Car Models in Pakistan

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